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The concept of normality as well as concepts of abnormality and deviancy might differ depending on the socio-cultural. Abnormality and deviance produce a great impact on the relationships of people since an individual whose behaviour is considered to be abnormal or deviant is more likely to isolate themselves from the society or have significant problems in the process of communication and socialization. The fact that sometimes such an isolation or marginalization of people which have certain abnormalities or whose behaviour is deviant are not always justified and it does not really reveal the essence of an individual. Often, such people are considered as socially dangerous but, in fact, they might do not represent danger for others and, instead, they probably need the help of healthcare or social services as well as the help of the community to get integrated and lead a normal, socially acceptable life.

The definition of abnormality can only be defined in the context of the concept of normality since these two concepts are correlated.

Abnormality could be defined in different ways, as unusual behaviour that is different from the normal behaviour that does not conform to social expectations or demands; statistical infrequency; failure to function adequately; presence of pronounced psychological suffering or distress- deviation from ideal mental health.

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