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BOH种植公司的1929年,John Archibald Russell发现,与A.B. Milne一起,老茶从锡兰他们成功获得特许权的土地在卡梅伦高地为了启动茶园经营。




BOH Plantation Sdn Bhd was found by John Archibald Russell in the year 1929, together with A.B. Milne, a veteran in tea planting from Ceylon they succeeded in obtaining a concession of land in Cameron Highland in order to start the tea plantation business.

Together the duo transforms steep jungles slopes into a tea garden known as BOH Plantations, which is the 1st highland tea garden in the country. BOH Plantations business begins to bloom and currently is the leading tea grower in the country. The plantation expanded and owns four tea gardens, of which three is located 5000 ft above sea level and is situated in Cameron Highlands, and the fourth is centralizing in Bukit Cheeding, Selangor. Collectively, the garden’s size in total is 1200ha.

BOH Plantation has been firmly entrenched that most Malaysia drinks BOH tea moe re than any other brand. BOH tea are available in 3 different forms ( tea packets, tea bags, tea dust). The company currently produces 4 million kg of tea in a year. Malaysian consumes 10million kg of tea which makes BOH tea largest producer locally of black tea, in terms of cuppage, BOH tea produces about 5.5 million per day which almost meets 50% of tea consumption requirement in the country. The success story of BOH Plantation continues to be Malaysia’s leading brand in tea and is also exporting to Brunei, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and also the US.