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Sri Lanka tourism has been under a purple patch of nearly three decade of ethnic war is seen a new dawn of growth for future. With the introduction of new tourist’s hot spots in the island, many foreign travellers around the world have shown great interests that there are many more things to discover in this tiny island of the Indian Ocean. Government figures show that there is a considerable increase in tourist arrivals since the war had ended 2009 May, it has created more job opportunities and foreign income for government in many aspects. Government strong commitment role was mentioned in this research where creating more opportunities with hidden attractions of north and east to attract tourists. Utilisation of technological advancement to attract new markets in Europe by publishing website in their mother languages and governments open sky policies can be taken as strong points in this research where Sri Lanka tourism have to develop on weakness such as infrastructure, literacy and environmental issues to become a successful tourist destination after its anticipate with fear was ended for a new sun shine in Sri Lankan tourism with its nature that could last more years in global tourism sector.

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a country that offers great variety of attractive that unique to its own. Land filed with range of geographical features including variety of rivers and waterfalls making a magnificent atmosphere. Sri Lanka is blessed by its wonderful sandy coast line that runs all around the island. Result from recent survey (Sri Lanka,n.d.), showed that Sri Lankan information…

There are so many records of ancient travellers came to visit the country. Study by Hien (414A.D cited Mithtapala, 2009), showed that… who travelled in Sri Lanka in the century he defined country as,

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