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It has been suggested that social class is linked to educational achievement. The lower the socio-economic status of a family, then it is said, follows a pattern of low educational achievement. Conversely, children from so called, middle and upper class families in general tend to be higher achievers academically than their working class peers, and are more likely to attend university. Research suggests that children with parents in highly paid professions are more likely to obtain higher grades in their GCSEs, take A levels and then continue onto university than children with parents in low paid manual employment. Therefore, it could be argued that a childs ability to become socially mobile remains static, as it is likely that they will continue along the path of their parents.(REFERENCE).The research undertaken for this project seeks to determine if the same applies to mature students either attending Bath Spa University or mature graduates known to the researchers. The research will attempt to investigate whether or not there is any correlation between parental social class and that of the mature students and graduates educational achievements. The research will also explore the notion of social mobility and seek to discover if the subjects of the study believe that they have or will, achieve social mobility due to their educational achievements.

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