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There was a noticeable change in the tone of her voice when she began to mimic the students’ conversation. There were more noticeable intonations on words such as “my” “gosh” and “fine,” compared to the way the woman was pronouncing these words before she began mincing. In addition, the overall pitch of her voice became consistently higher when she began mimicking the students returned to its normal level only when she finished the imitation. Corroborating her intuitive pitch rise, the villager stated explicitly that “they [the girls] have these high-pitch things.” When she attempted to imitate this, again, a noticeable difference in the height of her pitch could be heard. The villager went further and said that she “doesn’t think so, she knows so” in relation to the girls having an accent. When asked if she could identify an SAGHS girl outside of her uniform, she responded with “I would be able to identify them because of their accent.” She reinforced this with the conversation she overheard from a group of girls who were leaving the school after lessons. She made it very clear that she was very sure of the existence of an accent and was able to reinforce what she said, by giving examples of phrases.The perception that the Saint Augustine Girls High School as a prestige school is associated with its own accent may simply be a stereotypical view of people who associate prestige with the accent. The features identified by the two villagers, high pitch voice, and stress of specific words are the stereotypical features that people from outside the school associate with the students.

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