论文前言怎么写 Investigate profit Tesco and non profit Oxfam

沃尔玛是一个购物中心,在那里我们可以购买我们的基本东西。它也可以被定义为一个全球性的杂货店和一般的销售供应商,总部设在英国。Jack Cohen先生创立了乐购在1919,当他开始出售额外的食品在伦敦东区的一个摊位。特易购首次出现在1929和埃奇韦尔的一家商店自那时以来,公司不断壮大和发展,特别是第三世界上最大的零售商特易购私人有限公司的收入测量(PLC)是在英国拍的主要超级沃尔玛拥有29%股份的市场copmapred其他公司像广告具有17%股市场。PLC是私人有限公司,在英国有限的磨石,不允许发行股票public.private。一家上市公司并没有太多的关心利润,因为它是为公众提供商品或服务。公众公司将不必担心是否牟利,因为他们正在为公众提供服务。


Tesco is a shopping mart where we can purchase our essential things. It can also be define as a global grocery and general merchandising vendor headquartered in UK. sir Jack Cohen founded Tesco in 1919, when he began to sell extra food stuff from a stall in the East End of London. Tesco first appeared above a shop in Edgware in 1929 and since then the company has grown and developed.Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world measured by income Tesco private limited corporation (PLC) is the major super mart in UK wihich has 29% of shares in market copmapred to other companies like adsa which has 17% shares in market. PLC is private limited company which has limited millstone in UK and not allow to offer its shares to public.Private. A public company does not much care about profit as it is providing the goods or service for the public. Public companies will not have to worry whether making profit or not because they are providing a service to the public.
目的是为了赚钱,特易购投资和销售优质产品,为消费者提供可靠的资料。为什么会有这样的存在?乐购的存在提供商品和服务的人赚钱和业务利润,为工 人提供日常需要的产品,乐购工作客户的需求如食物,衣服,家庭electircs,声音和视觉,床和浴室,家具和厨房,服装,珠宝,玩具礼品,婴儿和初学 走路的孩子,花园needs.products和提供服务的成本和利润,以低于成本的Tesco是盈利,通过引入新的品牌和销售商品lease.tehy 通过提供给其他国家和整个销售获取利润的产品。他们可以通过向客户提供低价格的产品来销售产品,这是一个特定的持续时间,这意味着他们成为一个普通的客户 在未来获得利润。而且也不四季销售,这表明以低成本销售。

Purpose of tesco is to make money and invest and sale quality products.and provide reliable materials to consumers. Why do Tesco exist? Tesco exist to provide the goods and services to people earning money and profits from business .it provides jobs for workers Tesco provides daily need Products that customers demand like food, clothes, Home electircs,Sound and vision ,Bed and bath, Furniture and kitchen, Clothing and jewellery, Toys and gift, Baby and toddlers, Garden needs.products and services supplied at profit , at cost and below cost Tesco is getting profit by introducing new brands and also selling goods at lease.tehy are getting profit on products by supplying them to other countries and at whole sale. they can sell products by introducing off packages to customers at low prices for a specific duration which means to making them as a regular customers to gain profit in future. and also out of seasons sale which shows selling at low cost.


Marketing sales department function is to understand user’s requirments/needs and fulfil their needs exactly with high- quality goods and respond to a customer enquiry correctly. Sales managerSell products and services to the customer in order for the business to keep on running and become the number one retailer.they make products available for future customers and existing customers.Production Tesco is to make sure that the goods of Tesco are produced on time and is in a suitable quality for the customers.and maintain furniture.Production manager manages all kind of goods should ready at customers needs.and at given time and at exact time and standard.Production workers made goods according to the user demands and works exactly in uniform way.Human resources aim to make sure that businesses keep hold of good experienced staff and let go of poor staf they work internally in business Human resources aim to make sure that businesses good experienced staff and let go of poor staf They deal with the workforce, planning, recruitment, training and paying issues.ICT (International Computers and Tabulators) Its main function is to check that all data of Tesco is stored properly. all computer software are working, all business websites are accessing.(tescopls.com)

论文前言怎么写 Investigate profit Tesco and non profit Oxfam

P4 Tesco Mission and values

Planning, calculating and the passing of information form rival is called mission. Tesco’s mission is to earn profit and sale pure goods. and to sale goods online by using website tesco.com and public dealing in good manner to make regular customers And create significance for customers to earn their lifetime reliability.


Values of an organization defines it standards.they show Respect to each othersTry to give their best

Want to be energetic and fit.

Tesco strategies to become are successful international trader , To become famous business party. To be good food provider To put community at the heart of what we do.

Objectives Tesco increasing customers by offering buy 1 get 1 free.Tesco offers best reasonable prices. Tesco meets the need of customers opinions regarding advance, product quality, choice, store facilities and service Tesco is the main profitable investment with progressive return. Tesco is developing the talents of its people through sound management and training practices, while rewarding them fairly with equal opportunities for all. Tesco maintaining its relationships with supplier (product makers) on strict quality and price criteria. Tesco is co operating on making of food in industry. Provides good environment and protection

Strategic Planning Tesco is try to make shopping easy and comfortable.Seeking to low price to help people and so they spend less.Taking simplicity and importance to complicated markets.

Smart objectives of Tesco

Specific Tesco wants to make profit its sale

Measurable Tesco is leading in business by its major shares in market

Achievable tesco achieve its goal by increasing its customers and making profits

Tesco has achieved it by good quality products

Realistic tesco is third big company in world

M1 Point of Views of different stakeholders

Directors the business through meetings with top managers and managing stretegies for progress of tesco.Employees should work hard on making good quality products that will make profit and also increase pay and conditions of Employees and also helpful for safety, health and pension arrangements.

Customer’s views are to getting latest brands and saving by low price products.

D1 Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organization

Stakeholders stand for great influence in organization. Developing countries employees make fashionable clothes and brands to exert little power over their employer’s to give them jobs and getting new products.

Owners are the organization’s main stakeholders and gain profit and pays all bills and wages to workers and remain profit shares with shareholders

directors pay attention to make strategy and decisions regarding organization Government influences by law rights to change behaviour of environmental or health and safety. Employees exert main role in business profit or loss. When the economy is active they work hard and make extra products.

Customers also create great influence within an organization. By purchasing products from store or online at low prices.

论文前言怎么写 Investigate profit Tesco and non profit Oxfam