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新加坡论文代写 如何防止心脏病 how to prevent heart disease

With the improvement of living standard,more and more people are concerned about their health. Thirty percent of theworld’s population death is caused by heart disease. In China, there are hundredsof thousands of people who died of heart disease. It’s necessary for people tograsp the method to prevent heart disease. So I will give you some advice.


First, when the pressure is too large, you shouldlearn to release it. Too much pressure is bad for heart. Don’t often be angry,and keep a good attitude. For example, laughing is important for health.Second, eat more foods that containing carbohydrates such as corn, wheat, riceand potatoes. To keep a balanced diet, eat more vegetables and fruits. Third,do exercise. You can get up early in the morning, go outdoors, breathe thefresh air and do physical exercises. Having exercise can make the heartstronger. Then, don’t smoke. Smoking makes the heart pump faster and allowsless oxygen to reach the heart muscles. Finally, you also have to take aroutine heart check-up. The doctor will give you the most valuable advice tokeep a healthy heart. If you don’t feel well, you should go to see the doctorat once.


These things sound easy to do, but not manypeople can manage them. In a word, if you want to keep a healthy heart, pleaselive a healthy life style, eat widely, exercise regularly, learn to relax andnever smoke.