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同辈群体为亲密关系提供了基础,因为他们是必不可少的非家族成员的上下文中对亲密关系和感情。在成长过程中,家人陪伴正在缓慢而流离失所的同性伴侣,最终接管了异性友谊(博尔玛弗曼,1987)。表示关心,关心和爱的伙伴已经正确地确定为重要的和定义在童年和青春期后期同伴关系的特点。陪伴的角色是接管了同伴,同伴关系成为至关重要的个人学习如何照顾人的血液关系和学习社会规范和各种社会距离他们的同辈群体。事实上,许多心理学家一再强调对等关系的贡献到特定的社交技巧,尤其是孩子们的自我表现或印象管理技能有效地定位自己和自适应在各种社交场合(与资料,1977)(好,1981,1981)。例如,细认为儿童同伴关系,特别是友谊重要领域测试可接受的行为的界限和维护压力下的风度。他指出,在友谊的界限,充分显示通常会被忽略或纠正不丢脸。在这个连接,Grune Baum和所罗门(1987)观察到,很多童年玩故意让失去风度。儿童和青少年玩恶作剧,诱发眩晕、孩子或取笑。在同伴关系,这些测试的社会风度帮助准备一个用于维护自我形象和自我控制。因此,同辈群体是非常重要的在塑造个体如何与非家族成员在未来同行。

Thirdly, peer groups provide the foundation for intimate relationships as they are essential non-family contexts for intimacy and affection. During the growth process, family companionship is slowly displaced by same-sex companionship and eventually taken over by opposite-sex companionship (Buhrmester, Furman, 1987). The expressed care, concern and affection for one’s partner have been rightly identified as important and defining characteristics of peer relationships during late childhood and adolescence. As the role of companionship is taken over by peers, peer relationships become essential as individuals learn how to care for people out of their blood relations and learn social norms and various social distances from their peer groups. In fact, many psychologists repeatedly emphasized the contribution of peer relationships to specific social skills, particularly to children’s self-presentation or impression management skills for positioning oneself effectively and adaptively in various social situations (Denzin, 1977) (Fine, 1981, 1987). For example, Fine argued that childhood peer relationships, especially friendships, are important arenas for testing the bounds of acceptable behaviour and maintaining poise under stress. He noted that within the boundaries of friendship, inadequate displays will typically be ignored or corrected without loss of face. In this connection, Grune Baum and Solomon (1987) observed that much childhood play deliberately perpetuates a loss of poise. Children and adolescents play pranks, induce dizziness, kid or tease one another. In peer relations, these test of social poise help prepare one for the maintenance of self-image and self-control later in life. As such, the peer groups are very important in shaping how individuals interact with non-family counterparts in the future.

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