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为搭配促销术语意味着思想是涉及一个或多个公司的两个或两个以上的品牌,在这种情况下,雷克萨斯和欧洲之星,在这种情况下,可能会激发消费者的兴趣,增加销售额的同时提高客户保留率的同时,促销预算的最佳使用的成本是参与品牌之间共享(Shimp 2010),T. A.。


欧洲之星的目标将是一百万的卡不能达到没有人的帮助,以确保人们不会妥协的圣诞愿望不周密封电子邮件包含一个陈词滥调éD Santa图片或雪人的场景,“欧洲之星”将使用最新的技术来创建一个图像的一部分现实和圣诞部分计算机。欧洲之星将在伦敦和会的马车车厢里的人们可以找到关于运动和想象他们可以在数字圣诞Dé林前看到他们的圣诞卡第一阶段的机会的更多信息,他们甚至可以使它更。


As the tie-in promotion term implies the idea is to involve two or more brands from one or more companies, in this case Lexus and Eurostar, to potentially stimulate in this case consumer interest, generate increased sales but also improve customer retention while gaining optimal use of the promotional budget as the cost is shared between the participant brands (Shimp, T. A. 2010).

The dedicated taxi service is, from Eurostars perspective, a clever service because it simplifies and extends the journey that the busy business traveller has to undertake all the way to his/her final destination. It is a service that does not offer a direct monetary benefit for Eurostar. By introducing this promotional offer that allows the business traveller w. carte blanche to book a free ride when booking from the Eurostar website, Eurostar essentially adds value to its existing service and brand.

Eurostar’s goal will be of one million cards which can’t be reached without people’s help and to make sure people won’t be compromising those Christmas wishes with an ill-thought-out email containing a clichéd Santa picture or snowman scene, Eurostar will use the very latest reality technology to create a Christmas image that’s part reality and part computer-generated. Eurostar will place carriages all-over London and going inside the carriage people can find out more information about the campaign and the opportunity of picturing them in a digital Christmas décor. They can see the first phase of their Christmas Card, they can even personalize it more.

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