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佛罗伦萨已经知道我要谈班级管理(见附件三)。她承认她在IV年级生物系低年级学生的一些问题行为中遇到了一些困难,他们当时很难处理。但我并没有提出班级管理的问题,而是促使她看看她如何克服这种情况,反思她以前的学习经历。许多教师都面临着班级管理的问题,这对促进学生的良好学习和教师的满意度有很大的帮助。我能感觉到佛罗伦萨在课堂讲解之后感到沮丧(附录三)。作为一个导师,我需要通过支持她来提高她的道德。我们谈到这个问题,她没完没了地认为所有问题中遇到的类必须有一个解决方案。阿瓦雅等人(2003节)也同意提供道义上的支持是事情发展强大的师徒关系的关键名单。佛罗伦萨一直在努力与这些学生有问题的行为很长时间,但她真的有困难,在该类。 有一些附带的问题出现在课程中,导师可以帮助解释如何解决问题。课堂管理的策略,包括管理学生的行为必须是与学生讨论,尤其是作为导师洞察各种学生的性格和行为特征。有效的教学需要机敏的提问技巧,一个导师可以讨论高阶和低阶问题以及公平地分配问题。课程结构等有效的导师可以讨论实施过程(例如,确保关键知识或概念是明显的介绍,身体,一节课的结论)。导师可以提供有关评估的教学知识和观点,有效的教学实践,链接课程,教学法和


Florence already knew that I was going to talk about class management (See Appendix III). She admitted that she had a few difficulties with some problematic behavior in her lower class of Form IV Biology students and they were at time difficult to handle. But instead of raising that issue of class management, I prompted her to see how she could overcome this situation by reflecting on her previous experience as a learner. Many teachers have faced the problem of class management and this much help in order to promote a good learning for students and satisfaction for the teacher. I could feel that Florence felt deterred after that class explanation (Appendix III). As a mentor, I needed to raise her morale by supporting her. We talked lengthily on that issue and she recognized that all problem encountered in class must have a solution. Awaya et al(2003, p.54) concur that providing moral support tops the list of things that are critical to developing a strong mentor-mentee relationship. Florence has been struggling with these students having problematic behavior for very long but she really had difficulty in that class.
There are incidental problems that arise during lessons for which the mentor can assist in explaining how to problem solve. Classroom management strategies, including managing student behavior, must be discussed with the mentee, especially as the mentor has insight into the various student personalities and behavioral traits. Effective teaching requires astute questioning skills for which a mentor can discuss higher and lower-order questions along with distributing the questions in equitable ways. Lessons have a structure and so an effective mentor can discuss the implementation processes (e.g., ensuring key learnings or concepts are apparent in the introduction, body, conclusion of a lesson). Mentors can provide pedagogical knowledge about assessment and also viewpoints about effective teaching practices that link curriculum, pedagogy, and

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