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The problem of ethics and ethical behavior has existed for many centuries in law enforcement and other areas of everyday life this we know dating as far back as one can remember. Today it is believed that Socrates was the first philosopher to expand their thought into the issue of ethics, the main area he dabled his thought in to was the ethical treatment of problems with in our government. As society has developed, the questions and concerns that surround ethics and ethical behavior have grown more difficult to address let alone answer. Ethical standards have come under fire by the public more now than at any other time in our history .

Law enforcement personnel will carry out tasks that are assigned to them but the rules and laws constantly change and their reachable ability to perform the necessary tasks becomes blured. We as citizens expect law enforcement officials to conduct themselves professionally without expressing personal views and emotions. With this in mind, law enforcement personnel must always conduct themselves in a way that would be fitting to the code of ethics and a code of conduct. They must remember that their conduct on the out side needs to remain professional because we see them as an officer even when they are not in uniform.

Now we are going to take a look in to the minds of two law enforcement offiers. We will call them offficer Callo and officer Stitzel. I am going to ask them some questions on ethics and we will see how an officers views their owen code of ethics of law enforcement.