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这些资源是麦当劳开发和分销服务的竞争优势。麦当劳的物质资源是它在市场中寻找最佳位置的能力,为客户提供便利(McDonald’s 2009)。它有能力通过其分销渠道有效地提供一致的产品和服务。如果公司正在寻找一个地方,它将只看城市的主要部分。

公司通过产生一系列功能需求的成本来增加其产品的价值:内部物流,运营,出口物流,营销和服务的主要活动;和一系列支持活动(Porter 1985)。主要的进口物流是特许经营,出口物流是从装配线可以看到的。在营销销售和服务方面,盈利的特许经营者拥有营销和销售麦当劳产品营销的顶级网络。公司的人力资源管理和基础设施,与麦当劳和特许经营的双向沟通​​是连续的首要任务。广告媒体和促销活动由麦当劳公司集中和外包,这有利于创造价值。因此,客户可以更多地了解产品及其新产品。


Customer’s preference is the main factor affecting the success of a business. McDonald more concentrates on their customers very much. The great strength of McDonald is its customer. They value their customers so they build area for kids to play, give gifts to attract kids. This strategy is aimed to make McDonald a fun place to eat. This helps the parents to spend some time with the children to have fun at the restaurants. That’s why McDonald is getting a large number of customers than other food industry.

The resources are the competitive advantage of McDonald to develop and distribute their services. McDonald’s physical resources are its ability to look for the best locations within the marketplace to provide our customers with convenience (McDonald’s 2009). It has the capability to deliver consistent products and service effectively by its distribution channel. If the company is looking for a place it will look only at the main part of the cities.

A company builds up value in its product by incurring costs for a series of functional requirements: the primary activities of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing, and service; and a series of support activities (Porter 1985). The main inbound logistics is franchising, outbound logistics is operation it can be seen from the assembly line. In marketing sales and service, the profitable franchise have the top network of marketing and selling the marketing of McDonald products. The firm’s human resource management and infrastructure, continuous in two way communication with the McDonald and franchise are the top priority. The advertising media and promotional campaigns are focused and outsourced by McDonald’s corporation which is good to create values. So the customer can know more about the products and their new ones.