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最近的估计已经在美国的自闭症的患病率在1左右,在150人。在印度目前的人口,这意味着有超过200万自闭症的人在该国。当然,这种估计在假设这个速度在世界范围内没有明显的变化,这是一个尚未解决的问题在欧美地区的流行病学家。虽然这种失调并不罕见,但印度大多数自闭症患者没有被诊断出来,也没有得到他们所需要的服务。这个问题发生在许多国家,尤其是在印度,但那里的医护人员一个巨大的意识和误解自闭症缺乏,谁可能误诊或诊断的情况下。 印度自闭症儿童家长面临的主要困难之一是获得准确的诊断。家长可以带孩子到儿科医生才放心,他们的孩子是“慢”。不满意,他们可以访问一个心理学家,要告诉自己的孩子是“弱智”。相信自己的孩子不适合精神发育迟滞的典型图片,他们可能会访问一个心理医生,要说他们的孩子有注意力缺陷障碍,必须靠药物控制多动。经过数月的镇静和不满意的进展,他们可能会再次开始寻找孩子的问题的正确名称的周期。有些医生可能认为,如果没有服务,自闭症的诊断就没有什么可以获得的;然而,随着更多的儿童被诊断为自闭症,更多的意识障碍的传播,将有需求的服务。学校会被迫教育自己,如果他们发现更多的人口,他们是自闭症。


Recent estimates have placed the prevalence of autism in the U.S. at approximately 1 in 150 people. At India’s current population, this means there are more than 2 million autistic persons in the country. Of course, this estimate assumes that there are no significant variations in this rate worldwide, which is a question that has not yet been addressed by epidemiologists outside the West. While the disorder is not rare, the majority of autistic people in India has not been diagnosed and do not receive the services they need. This problem occurs in many countries, but is especially true in India where there is a tremendous lack of awareness and misunderstanding about autism among the medical professionals, who may either misdiagnose or under diagnose the condition.One of the major difficulties faced by parents of children with autism in India is obtaining an accurate diagnosis. A parent may take their child to a paediatrician only to be reassured that their child is just “slow.” Unsatisfied, they may visit a psychologist, to be told their child is “mentally subnormal.” Convinced that their child does not fit the typical picture of mental retardation, they may visit a psychiatrist, to be told that their child has attention deficit disorder, and must be put on medication to control hyperactivity. After months of sedation and unsatisfactory progress, they may again begin a cycle of searching for the correct name for their child’s problem. Some doctors may feel that nothing can be gained by a diagnosis of autism if the services are not there; yet, as more children are diagnosed as autistic and more awareness of the disorder spreads, there will be a demand for services. Schools will be forced to educate themselves if they find that more of the population they serve is autistic.

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