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商科论文代写 Boundary-Spanning Roles 范文

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Managers have full responsibilities of making success in a business (Lysonski, Singer & Wilemon, 1989). This presents a challenge for them to formulate effective and goal-oriented strategies that will enable them succeed. They coordinate the operations of a business both in and out. This involves dealing with staff, daily, operations, customers and publics. Both internal and external environments of a business are important in defining its state. One of the strategies managers use is boundary-spanning role. These are job positions where employees are subjected to direct contact with publics, as well as employees from other organizations or firms.

Managers use boundary spanners to gather external information. This information is very useful in enhancing the entire organizational performance. This is because managers get to know the trends in the market and understand the consumers better. In most cases, they know what the customers want, as well as what the competitors have in store. They also use boundary-spanning roles in form of business practice, so as to get nearer to trends and potential customers of their products. Through this, they enhance their competitive advantage, which is essential for survival in the market.

Most managers use communication as a boundary-spanning mode where they lay much focus on IT (Ford, Evans & Matthews, 2004). This allows for easy communication and access of data from both internal and external sources. Customer data is also made available to the organization and kept in a database for easier access in future transactions. This increases efficiency in service provision and hence an upgraded competitive advantage. Boundary-spanning role enables managers to notice any change in the technology world, which facilitates innovation. This innovation of products enhances customer’s satisfaction and loyalty and hence a repeat business. Competitive advantage is enhanced through product innovation. Managers involved both customers and suppliers in product development process, thus maintaining them in the organization’s circle.

商科论文代写 Boundary-Spanning Roles范文