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澳洲essay代写 真正的冠军the real champion

As the Asian Game is going on, we can see so many exciting games these days, there are so many champions coming out every day, we are happy for them, because they are working so hard and they deserve it. But still some champions are checked out to take the drugs, they get the championship with the help of the drugs, it is so shameful of them, they are not the real champions.

To be a champion is not easy, the athletes must be working hard for a long time, most of them spend day and night to get trained, they have to leave their parents for a long time, they can see their parents when the festival comes. To be the champion is such a great honor, the one who gets the championship without the fair competition should be condemned, he does not respect his rivals, it is so shame on him.

Taking the drugs is not the right act, it is unfair to those real working hard rivals, every athlete should take the right attitude about the match. The one who loses in a fair way also deserves people’s respect.

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