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程序代写 自习室占座 on seat reservation

Nowadays,seat reservation in college has been brought to our attention as some studentsin campus always save a seat for a long time. Although it is a small action, itbrings some influences to students’ lives and campus construction.


Thereare some influences caused by seat reservation. First, seat reservation brings inconvenienceto other students. This situation is quite common in library when all studentsare preparing the final exams. Due to seat reservation, other students have tospend more time to find their seats than usual. Second, it will give rise tocrony phenomenon to a large extent. Those who have already known the difficultyin finding seats will copy after the bad behavior to save a seat. And thisincreases the difficulty in finding seats finally. Last but not least, seat reservationhas also brought some inconvenience to school management. In order to save theseat, students will leave something like books or clothes on the desks. Andthat is quite inconvenient for cleaners to clean the classroom and library aswell as influence the image of school.

占位置造成了一定的影响。首先,占位置给其他同学带来不便。在所有的学生都准备期末考试的时候,这种情况在图书馆是很常见的。由于占位置,其他学生就得花比平时更多的时间来找到一个位置。 第二,在很大程度上它会引起裙带现象。那些知道找座位困难的学生会效仿这种不好的行为也去占一个位置。这让找到座位变得更加困难。最后但并非最不重要的,占座位也给学校管理人员带来了一些不便。为了占位置,学生会把书或衣服之类的东西留在桌子上。这为清洁阿姨打扫卫生造成了很大的不便而且还影响学校形象。

Takingabove influence into account, I advocate that the institutions and studentsshould make joint efforts to eliminate this phenomenon. For one thing, theinstitutions should take some measures such as cleaning the things on the desksor chairs every day so that no one would leave things on them. For another,students should be well informed to forbid saving seats.



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