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算术技能支持预算,计算功能和计算,日期和时间,父母健康相关的计算。这些技能在预算和资金管理和银行服务,数钱,做出改变,计算服务费用,节省的钱投资太多,这些都是一般的技能,我们的模块包括添加到计算功能和计算能力,我们知道在过去从小学到高中。日期和时间的技巧用于生活中的一些基本的东西,如使用的日历,填写考勤表或写作日期以及父母健康相关的算术能力阅读药品瓶用法用量、读温度计或理解的成绩单。所有这些计算技能是管理者对人的日常生活中重要的和非常有用的,农民或任何我们可以。在这个模块,我把最重要的算术技能的企业管理领域,这对于决策树分析,得到最佳的解决方案不做生意亏了,把最好的决定。 信息技能是至关重要的所有成功的专业人士。这些技能帮助我们变得更有效率。以下是一些帮助我们发展信息技能的技巧。一是如何有效地进行笔记,这是一个很好的工具来记录和组织的信息,第二个是充分吸收书面信息,以吸收和理解的书面信息快速有效。阅读策略也是一种通过读什么来快速阅读的技巧,而在我们头脑中保持信息新鲜的技术有助于保持我们在头脑中学到的知识。也有一种技术,它以一种适合我们的方式学习,这不仅有助于我们发展我们可以学习的方法,而且我们将能够使我们所做的事情使其他人能够有效地从我们这里学习。使学习成为一种愉快的体验是我最好的方式能够更有效地学习,因为如果我们的爱,我们获得好的结果,我们该做些什么,而这正是帮助我在我的音乐制作人的职业很多,即使所有的结果,我从我的作品我仍然不认为这是工作,但正如我主要的热情和我继续学习一天又一天。同样的事情在我的研究,有一些话题,我喜欢,我可以成功的,但一旦我不喜欢一个主题,我知道我会有问题。


Numeracy skills stand for budgeting, numeracy functions and computations, dates and time, parenting and health related numeracy. These skills on budgeting or money management and banking serve to count money, make change, calculate services charges, save money and invest it too, and these are generally skills that our module covers adding to the numeracy functions and computations skills that we learned in the past from the primary school until the high school. Dates and time skills are used to some basic things in life as using a calendar, fill in time sheets or writing the date as well as the parenting and health related numeracy skills to read directions and dosage on medicines bottles, read thermometers or to understand a report card. All these numeracy skills are important and very useful on whomever’s daily life for either managers, farmers or whatever we can be. During this module I leaned the most of the important numeracy skills for business management field, and this regarding the decision threes to analyze and get the best solution to do not make loss on business and take the best decision.

The information skills are vital for all the successful professionals. These skills help us to become more efficient. Here are some techniques that help us to develop our information skills. The first one is how to take notes effectively, and this is a good tool to record and organize the information, the second one is to fully absorb the written information to assimilate and understand the written information quickly and effectively. Reading strategies is also a technique to read faster by thinking what to read, while the technique of keeping the information fresh in our minds helps to keep what we learned alive in our minds. There is also a technique which is learning in a way that suits us and this will not only help us on developing the ways we can learn, but we will be able to make what we do so the others can learn efficiently from us. Making learning an enjoyable experience is for me the best way to learn efficiently because if we love what we do we get good results, and this is what is helping me a lot on my music producer career, even all the results that I got from my productions I still don’t consider this as a job but just as my main passion and I keep learning day after day. Same thing on my studies, there are some topics that I enjoy and I can be successful on them, but once I don’t love one topic, I know that I will have problems within it.