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Now I return to the question that forms the title of this article which revolves around criticisms of international organisation, and which its core progress from international organisations governance structures as been normatively suspect. If this is the case then any examination of democratic deficit in global governance must firstly be founded on conception of democracy that is generally acceptable, and secondly, its application to real world situation. In other words, there is need to explicate on democracy to be able to know the democratic deficits in global governance, and also its applicability in international governance to understand why it is consider to have democratic deficiencies, which is seen to be a problem in global governance.

Democracy was first introduced by the Greeks as a form of government and political thought over a thousand years ago. In its crudest form, every citizen in a given society must have a stake in every decision performed either equally, by all; be it directly or through elected representatives. It can therefore be seen as a key concept in the arrangement of a rightful and well-develop society. In a global level – within the hierarchy world system – states are more or less acting as individuals. In this nature democracy would then connotes every nation states in the world has much power in the resolutions of world policies as any other. Is this really the case?

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