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The overheated competition for scholarships affects students even more than I thought. There is anecdotal evidence that getting a scholarship requires great sacrifice, which includes “work on homework longer on weekends because private tuitions took a lot of time during weekdays”, “watch less TV, have less sleep in order to spare enough time for the learning”, “burning the midnight oil”, “staying at home during third term and cram for exams”. Concisely, students spent all their time whetting their competitive edge for the exams. The experience of one student who participated in the focus group interview is a testimony to that lifestyle. While in primary school, she had to work hard for 2-3 hours per day before she could join a star secondary college. There also, she needed to achieve highly because as a student of a star school, bullying and teasing were waiting for a low achiever.of the students who are really into winning claim that they actually do not enjoy the winning because they are always questioning themselves about “what should I do to keep on winning?” This can be explained by the fact that they tend to define themselves by the status and title that they hold. However, the continuous tension of figuring out how to maintain the position and prominence eventually takes away the joy of the laurels.

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