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澳洲论坛 中大奖 hit the jackpot

Ialways believe that the luck is on my side, not always but at least sometimes.Indeed, you cannot imagine how happy I was when I heard the exciting news thatI hit the jackpot. I won $1000 million! It is such a sudden; I exactly shouldconsider cautiously how to use it wisely.


SinceI have worked for a long time and didn’t take a break, I’d like to travel withmy families, enjoy the beautiful scenery, sunshine, beach and the amazingarchitectures, which really can make us relax. Second, the kids who are toopoor to afford their school fees upset me all the time, so I had been alwayswanting to do something for them. Now I have the money, so I will donate 1/3 tochange this situation, though just changing a little. Then, I will buy a newhouse which is more comfortable and deposit some money in the bank to keep itsafe and in the meantime, I can use it when emergency happens. How can I justuse money but not earn money? So the investment is essential. Put my money onthe stock market properly can earn money, and there are many other lower-riskinvestments that should be paid attention to. But there is no doubt that theinvestment on myself is the most important. I will use my money to do somethingthat can increase my knowledge.


Thanksto the luck and the jackpot, I can make such a great plan. And I hope it can becarried out perfectly.