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英国assignment代写 大学生谈恋爱的利与弊the advantages and disadvantages of college students fall in love

Positive and Negative Aspects about College Student’s Amativeness

Falling in love with in college 大学校园盛行的一句话是:大学不谈恋爱就白读了四年大学。如何看待大学生谈恋爱?大学生谈恋爱是利大于弊还是弊大于利呢?写一篇英语作文谈谈恋爱对大学生的影响。

As it is known, when we are in high school, we all have a constant goal that is to get the entrance to college, and hard work is out of question for the following. So we gain the notice to college finally which we often dream of in the nights, which proves a proverb that the god doesn’t live up to someone who spends time and efforts, please memorize the sentence for good.


Of course one day we went to college in August or September happily and proudly, but at the same time something happened that it made your heart pounding fiercely, by the way, that is love for many college students. And then they miss the directions and themselves as well for their lives. Next I am to express is that I am neutral for falling in love in college, however I have some ideas to illustrate my own.


Firstly, if you are passers-by, I think we will find a lot about several couples of boyfriends and girlfriends under the dorms or dim corners or in the classes without anybody for close postures, as youngsters, it is normal without asking cause about that.


Secondly, even worth mentioning is that many young boys and girls couldn’t attend classes and courses instead of traveling to some scenery and sight places or doing other things only to turn out that they loved each other.


Thirdly, especially to most of freshmen, please don’t be influenced by the phenomenon that a number of students who finds another half called by themselves proudly, because I think persons are different from each other, different characters, backgrounds and aims.


But there is one point to obey if you actually want to have an attempt the feeling for love at first sight: it is , whenever you and I am, the learning and the work is the most principle rather than love is the first and work second, for we aren’t children and teenagers anymore,the future society needs a comprehensive qualifications, profound and extensive knowledge persons, meanwhile in college you are in the state of half foot to society which time is a most important process to exercise and experience before stepping to complicated and complex society, and therefore we are supposed to spend much more time in learning instead.


What are mentioned above are only my opinions, believing that others have more perfect for falling in love in college.