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The strategies of the development of the product should be setting of by the management of Tesco after they expand their business in any place through their existing products marketing, products are exported at the country’s different provinces and by doing this, they try to go ahead to find out probable opportunities for enhancing the market penetration of the company and along with increasing the share of market of the company. Products model should be restored or revised by the company for serving the customers as per their needs and wants and along with achieving the competitive advantage. By this way, own brand products of the store can be developed by Tesco which is possible to market as strategically within a specific country.

A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in the business. Stakeholder analysis represents a different perspective on the environment of the business. The only thing is that stakeholders may have in common in their interest in the business. The interests themselves are not necessarily financial, but can encompass social, ethical and moral issues as well. In Black, online recruitment is a major change and in this report I am going to develop the system to involve stakeholders with this change.

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