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本文的目的是提高医生和外国病人之间的沟通质量。研究问题是如何提高医生和外国患者之间的沟通质量? Yin(1994)将案例研究定义为“在其现实生活背景下调查当代现象的实证研究,特别是当现象与语境之间的界限不清楚时。 Kohn(1997)指出,“尹建议该方法可能实际上更强大的解释性目的,它的能力回答如何和为什么”的问题。本文通过案例研究方法的定义和研究问题的结构。半结构化的访谈和观察用于数据收集,案例研究方法用于分析数据。


ABSTRACT: The circulation of labor force and with the effect of globalization;, today there are societies contain different cultures. Language is one of the biggest hindrances that people from different cultures confront with. Language barrier appears when two people with no common language try to communicate. Doctor-patient relationship is the first place where the common language barriers should be got through. In the first section of this article; culture, and as an element of it, language will be examined. In the second part, communication problems of the patients with no local language and doctors that do not know the mother tongue of the patients will be evaluated and the solutions developed will be evaluated. In the third part, the events that the foreign patients and medical institutions are faced with will be modeled with the help of interviews made with the health staff from 3 private and 2 public hospitals operating in Turkey. Faced problems are modeled from the view of Director of Quality Department, Head of Nursing Department, Emergency Doctor(M.D), Emergency Nurses, Staff of Public Relation Medical Director(M.D), Manager of Human Resources, Hospital Director(M.D), Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In the fourth part, the problems of a Greek patient in a private hospital will be evaluated according to case study method. In the last part, the method proposed to come over the language barrier will be introduced.

The aim of this paper is to improve communication quality between doctor and foreign patient. The research question is How can we improve the communication quality between doctor and foreign patient? Yin (1994) defined a case study as “an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context, especially when the boundaries between phenomenon and context are not clearly evident.” Kohn(1997) states that “Yin suggests the methodology may actually be more powerful for explanatory purposes in its ability to answer questions of how and why”. In this paper by the definition of case study methods and the structure of the research question. Semi-structured interviews and observations are used for data collection and case study method is used for analyzing data.

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