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此外,这种类型的研究,首先进行观察,然后收集数据,以使概括和总结在一个理论来解释观测被称为“感应”(最好的2010a;科恩等人。2000)。观察谢尔登等人。(2010:159-161)做的是“信任可能会影响学生的成绩…..培养它,它是学校校长现任,保持和体现…所有家长的信任关系,在建立有效的家校合作的…校长可以建立信任”承担信任的重要性。感性的定性研究方法是有用的探索问题,寻找内幕的观点,看法,当和一个过程或经验的信念(登青林肯,1994)。 继科恩等。(2000)教育研究的方法有三种。第一个是基于科学范式,第二个是解释性和主观的,第三个是一个关键的教育研究(科恩等)。2000:181)。在我们的案例研究中更多的是第二类,因为作者试图根据一些行为来理解和解释一个更广阔的世界现象。股份(1995)称这种研究方式“工具”。本研究取得了联系,获得更广泛的现象的理解和信任的学校不了解案件本身内在的个案研究”


Furthermore, this type of research which firstly makes an observation then collects data in order to make the generalization and then to conclude in a theory in order to explain the observation is called ‘inductive'(Best 2010a; Cohen et al. 2000). The observation that Shelden et al. (2010:159-161) do is that “Trust may influence student is incumbent on school principals to foster it, maintain it and exemplify trusting relationships with all parents…the importance of trust in establishing effective home-school partnerships principals can assume in establishing trust”. Inductive qualitative research methods are useful when exploring questions that seek to uncover insider views, perceptions, and beliefs about a process or experience (Denzin & Lincoln, 1994).
Following Cohen et al. (2000) there are three approaches to educational research. The first one is based on scientific paradigms, the second is interpretive and subjective and the third is a critical educational research (Cohen et al. 2000:181). What relates more in our case study is the second category because authors are trying to understand and interpret a wider phenomenon of the world based on some behavior. Stake (1995) called this way of research ‘Instrumental’. This research was contacted to gain the understanding of a wider phenomenon of trust in schools and not to find out more about the case itself ‘Intrinsic Case Study’ (Stake 1995:3).

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