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远程学习,有时被称为电子学习这里定义为交互式学习,其中的学习内容可在网上提供自动反馈给学生的学习活动。与真正的人在线交流可能包括或不包括在内,但电子学习的重点通常更多的学习内容比学习者和导师之间的沟通。 远程学习与新兴的计算机技术一起提供了很多承诺到教育领域。Â然而在实践中,结合通常低于它所试图完成的任务。Â一些缺点是由于技术问题;有人更多地与管理,教学方法,还是学生。Â尽管问题,许多用户喜欢如视频压缩技术和看到在该地区的持续增长。 然而,远程学习没有这样的优势,它是容易的,一个人可以学习,而不参加上课或讲座,而工作或做其他一些课程。这也是一个很好的替代家庭主妇谁不能进入课程,因为他们必须照顾幼儿,只是处理电脑,有自己的时间来学习,也可以通过在线沟通,如电子邮件,论坛和聊天导师和同行。在远程教育课程中,你将提供学习材料,并且必须按时提交作业。这些作业将由那些会给你反馈的教授进行评估。然而,如果你打算参加远程学习,你需要了解一些远程学习的利弊。


Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning is here defined as interactive learning in which the learning content is available online and provides automatic feedback to the student’s learning activities. Online communication with real people may or may not be included, but the focus of e- learning is usually more on the learning content than on communication between learners and tutors.
Distance learning and its relationship to emerging computer technologies have together offered many promises to the field of education.  In practice however, the combination often falls short of what it attempts to accomplish.  Some of the shortcomings are due to problems with the technology; others have more to do with administration, instructional methods, or students.  Despite the problems, many users like technologies such as compressed video and see continued growth in the area.
However, distance learning is no such advantage is that it is easy, a person can study without attending classes or lectures, while working or doing some other course. It is also a good alternative for housewives who are not able to enroll into courses because they have to take care of young children, just deal with computers and have their own time to learn and also can communicate with tutors and peers via online such as email, forum and chat. . In distance education courses, you would be provided with study material and also would have to submit assignments on time. These assignments would be assessed by professors who would send you feedback. However, if you are planning to enroll into distance learning, you need to to know about some of the distance learning pros and cons.