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In recent years, the marketing world has been transformed dramatically. Traditionally reserved to magazine and television ads, the marketing toolkit has exploded to previously unimaginable means like search engines, blogs, and social networks. Social networking, specifically, has become one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to advertise online. Today, there are literally hundreds of social networking web sites out there, and advertising your business on them can be mind-boggling.

This definition was fully correct only for a certain period after which people found multiple uses for networking sites and as we all know how it has changed or should I call brought in a new form of marketing strategy with it. We all have an idea what a social network is all about and also numerous examples that we encounter daily in life such as Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, Twitter, Foursquare, and so on. This list is increasing with each day, and of these only a few become popular and catch our eye.

Using social media is fast becoming an essential strategic tool in any successful marketing campaign designed to increase quality traffic to a company’s website. It’s an easy and cost effective means of communicating with customers and their friends. People are now connecting with their friends (new and old) through social networks that bring them information they can use to strengthen social bonds. Studies have shown that people highly value a close friend’s opinion. One friend’s positive recommendation can be more effective than a couple of hundred TV commercials! Utilizing those social networks is a smart approach to marketing.

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