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英语学术论文写作 工作面试的优势 advantages of a job interviews

  Advantages of a Job Interviews

       Nowadays, when one applies for a job, he will be interviewed by an interviewer before he can be employed. The interview system is advantageous to both the interviewer and the interviewee.    First, the interviewer can get the first impression of the interviewee, such as his appearance and personality. Second, he can let the interviewee know about the company or institution’s working condition and his salary. Finally, he can know the interviewee’s intention or ambition through the interview.    The interview is also advantageous to the interviewee. To begin with, the interviewee can introduce to the interviewer his education background and working experience. Besides, if the interviewee is polite, decentlydressed or has a good appearance, in most cases he will make a good impression on the interviewer. Most important of all, the interviewee can demonstrate his ability by talking with the interviewer.    From the above analysis,we can see that the interview is significant.