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跨专业团队有各种类型,包括多学科,跨学科等。在多学科团队的情况下,成员来自不同的团队。这些成员制定了自己的学科特定目标,并努力实现它。但最终结果是作为所有学科的总和计算的(Dean和Geiringer 1990)。团队成员在团队层次结构中的位置将影响团队的工作方式以及如何提供服务(Cott’s,1998)。在多学科团队的情况下,存在医生,社会工作者,治疗师以及具有护士和其他初级工作人员的亚组。她的研究还揭示了不同亚组对专业团队有不同看法的想法。




Interprofessional teams are of various types, they include multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary etc. In case of multidisciplinary teams the members are from various teams. These members set their own discipline specific goals and work towards achieving it. But ultimately the result is calculated as the total of all the disciplines (Dean and Geiringer 1990). The position of team members in the team hierarchy will affect the way in which the team functions and how it will render the service (Cott’s, 1998). In case of a multidisciplinary team there exist subgroups of doctors, social workers, therapists and also subgroups which had nurses and other junior staff. Her study also unveiled the idea that the different subgroups had different perceptions about the inter professional teams.

Inter professional team work is highly essential in operation theatres and intensive and trauma care units. Since these are the emergency units of a hospital the situation of such units cannot be predicted and thus highly challenging. The interprofessional team may have to work highly efficiently and together. There exists a high rate of tension and stress in the team members in such emergency situations.

According to McWilliam et al (2003), interprofessional working is a very difficult task for health care professionals. The patients didn’t get the full benefit of interprofessional working due to the misunderstanding between the health care professionals regarding the policies and procedures in it.