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Properly the authors chose to use a qualitative method to explore and analyze their research question because of its descriptive character (Boulton and Hammersley 1996). Moreover, as Stake (1995), Denzin and Lincoln (1994) and Coffey and Atkinson (1996) argue, through a qualitative research the reader should be able to understand the human actions (in what occasions mothers trust the principals and what are these features that make them not to trust them) which can result from a variety of empirical data, like interview, discussions, personal experiences, case study, life story et cetera.The use of Semi-Structured Interviews to conduct their findings.Based on the research question that the authors mentioned in their study, we can note that they are looking to explore persons’ feelings (trust) in relation to a sensitive topic (disable students). As a result, this shows that interview will be an appropriate method to conduct this research and personally thinking correctly the researchers chose this method because it will enable them to collect data in such sensitive area through discussion with the mothers

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