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堪培拉代写assignment : Alignment Between The Strategic And Human Resource Objectives

堪培拉代写assignment : Alignment Between The Strategic And Human Resource Objectives

History is evident from the fact that for the success of any organisation is very vital to have an alignment between the strategic and human resource objectives of the organisation to ensure both short term efficiency which would ultimately lead to long term profitability. A concept by McKinsey stating 7 S which includes super ordinate goals, strategy, structure, systems, staff, skills and style was a spectacular approach towards setting up an organisation’s performance excellence criteria. Human resource management alignment with mission is simply combining people management with organisational ultimate goal achievement strategy, one way of doing is to grant access to human resources to be a part of planning phase as a company would always prosper if the employees or human resource is given equal importance and utilization as other sectors of decision making. Unlike the traditional strategic planning where human resource department was only considered to be a provider of personnel facility like staffing, pay, training where as sectors like research and development, finance, production and marketing were the major players to be carefully considered neglecting human resource significance completely but the concept was out ruled by the modern sense of strategic planning, in which the importance of human resource is realised together with the actualisation of the fact that ‘the company is known by people it keeps’, as the business world got into the era of intense competition the need for people training and development increased rapidly and time came when for a successfully run company it has to have properly trained and skilled people and also have a system of provision of more trained employees on regular intervals to continuously fill the gap caused by employment turnover, companies opted for the later concept noticed instant improvement not only in the performance level but also the motivational level of staff showed a rapid incline which realistically the only reason for the overall improved performance. It is evident that where ever people in organisation are involved then its inevitable to neglect the presence of HR elements, Human resource also plays a very vital role in bringing cohesion between the employees of any organisation which when achieved could do wonders in terms of goals achievement and has created history at several times.


A retailer which stands by it’s name IKEA (Ingvar Kampard Elmtaryd Agunnaryd), a home furnishing retailer which was established in 1943, currently IKEA is not only a furniture retailer but a phenomenon, a name which is identified from its unified identity of standardisation no matter what part of the world one steps into its big blue and yellow set of blocks which carries approximately more than 9500 range of home furnishing and relevant products with a restaurant facility as well provided under the same roof. Over the years it has evolved as an identity of its own, a simplified approach towards furniture making with excellent cost cutting strategies, which ultimately has a direct impact on the price offered to customer, price offered by IKEA stands out to be the cheapest in the market which has become so far the best unique selling point this brand can offer, but nothing is worth without a consideration of flat-pack concept back in early days which entirely change the image of furniture industry, it was planning ahead which now proves to be a convenience by coping up with the pace of present days working people life style particularly younger generation

Ikea’s vision is to create a better everyday life for many people is a complete reflection of how company perceives people in mind which not only includes customers but any stakeholder which has a direct or indirect link to the company operation e.g. customers, employees, suppliers etc. on the other hand IKEA follows a very careful path in the pursuit of its business mission which is to offer wide range of home furnishing items of good design and function, excellent quality and durability at prices so low that the majority of people afford to buy them

Therefore it is evident from the mission and vision that IKEA not only relates and base its overall operation to provide a better life for cheap but also focus on the quality and modernisation of the product it sells to keep it desired on affordable prices.

The harmony between the organisational overall strategy and human resource strategy is achieved through a process which in present era been adopted and utilised by almost all the organisation realising the importance of integration of human resource element into overall strategy to ensure excellent results and motivated employees.

To dig further deep it is very essential to realize the political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal environment of IKEA which basically makes the basis of any strategic objective as external environment together with elements of internal environment that are strength and weaknesses would assist to evaluate ikea’s corporate strategic situation which becomes the basis of ikea’s strategic plan quite carefully phrased in it its vision and mission.

Ranging from political stability. concern for society and social causes together with people concern, day to day technological advancement to overall economic recession faced by the company , the companies strategy to keep the cost low is a great tactic in these times of economic turmoil specially when the retail market is hit by vat increases starting from 04th of january,2011 low price policy with diversity in the nature of product range and business concepts referring to restaurant business IKEA has evolved as an intelligent set of brains and with inclusion of human resource strategy and other functional strengths to align with the overall mission has proved to be a successful and productive idea in terms of sales and employee retention as well.