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The commonsense notion that ‘unity’ favors ‘greater strength’ is one that has been known to man for centuries. It is one that man has learnt through experience; the more he organized himself and gained the support of fellow men, the stronger he became with an organized army. The idea of unity favoring greater strength does not only refer to military strength; it is one that favors all sorts of strength, like political and economic strength.
As a result of unity being an important factor in governance, several forms of unity have also been created and implemented in the past. These forms have existed as confederations, unions, etc., and all these share similarities, but are all based on one principle. A good example of unity for the purpose of better governance and strength, economically and politically speaking, is the European Union (Reid, 2004, 33-40).
The European Union is a union of countries known as state members that has been formed and ameliorated over the years in order to give European countries more strength in all aspects, particularly after the many wars that Europe has stood witness to. The European Union today is a large growing body that is expanding its potential with each member it adds on. Enlarging the European Union from 15 to 25 members is a significant move because this means that 10 new economies are being included. There are several advantages to this, but there may be some concerns as well (Dinan, 2004, 25-27). These will be addressed in the following paragraphs.

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