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殖民统治和德国占领的出现表明斯瓦希里实力。德国殖民政府决定在学校用殖民语言是可怕的力量,它是连接语与伊斯兰教。正如殖民列强害怕斯瓦希里的伊斯兰教的父母和孩子联系怀疑德国的学校,认为他们是传播基督教(kiango 2005)。德国人最终让步和斯瓦希里语作为在学校教育中,普遍认可和推广(kiango 2005,SA 2007)。看似无能为力的人在某种程度上确实能够影响到殖民地德国语言规划者的决定。即使个人和家庭的殖民主体的决策,以及国外的各种刺激如语言的商人和传教士不构成语言规划变得明显的是,语言规划并不详尽地考虑在语言情况记录发展的决定,和其他人“不在”的语言状况的影响


The advent of colonial rule and German occupation demonstrated the real strength of Swahili. The German colonial government decided to use the colonial language in schools and was fearful of the strength of Swahili and it’s connection with Islam. Just as the colonial powers were afraid of Swahili’s connection with Islam parents and children mistrusted German schools and perceived them to be propagators of Christianity (Kiango 2005). The Germans eventually backed down and Swahili was used as the medium of education in schools, and generally endorsed and promoted (Kiango 2005, Sa 2007). Seemingly powerless individuals did appear to some extent to be able to influence the decisions of the colonial German language planners. Even if individual and family decisions of colonial subjects, as well as the decisions of various foreign stimuli such as traders and missionaries on language, do not constitute language planning what becomes apparent is that language planning does not exhaustively account for the developments documented in the language situation, and others “not in power” can influence the language situation.

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