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The Aussie Pet Mobile provides variety of services to customers including washing, clipping, teeth brushing, and puppy cuts and so on. It developed “15 Steps” of grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. The process includes cleaning the ears and the eyes and clipping the nails. The full brush is doing before and after the bath. In the shower, they use completely eco-friendly and nature shampoo and conditioner and double rinse after that. They will do trimming of the paws and feathers if you required. They will treat pets’ tasty food after a little fragrance. However, the services that APM provided are similar compared with other mobile pet grooming business. To better differentiate itself, the expansion on the services is vital for the long-term development.The designed services towards different group of pets that is important to differentiate it from all kinds of pet grooming business not only for the mobile grooming services. The designed services can be carried out in terms of different types of pets, but also develop it into all area. For example, the “15 Steps” grooming services are mainly toward to dogs in terms of its physical characteristics. However, the services in treating cats should be carefully evaluated as it is not friendly pets to strangers. The designed services should be aimed in making cats more comfortable and ease in line with its physical and behaviour features. Also, providing different classes of services can gain more loyalty customers. The alternatives of choices in services will lead in the changing on the expectations from customers (Wells & Foxall 2013). For instance, rich customers might look for the expert services whereas normal customers expected affordable price in suitable performance. The other area services could be developing on consulting working, guarding and training to pets. The consulting and training services can contribute on the promoting their expertise in branding.

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