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其次,无论在这种情况下采取什么行动,都会出现负面结果。这种情况容易发生冲突,因为联合国观察员/监测员和当地工作人员之间的待遇不同。我作为KVM CC主管的职位有许多固有的因素,这将有助于这种道德困境的发展。科索沃核查团是由欧洲安全与合作组织(欧安组织)根据联合国安全理事会决议(联合国安理会)设立的。因此,我必须在一个具有僵化的等级结构的官僚组织中履行我的职责。我还负责两组下属:联合国观察员/监测员和当地口译员。地域和专业隔离;以及紧急的情况可能不会给我足够的时间或支持,作出一个有说服力的决定。


The dilemma of this scenario is the anxiety between the responsibility to evacuate the Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM) Coordination Center (CC) as directed by higher command without the local interpreters, as well as the desire to protect the local interpreters, knowing that they will face retaliations as soon as the evacuation is complete (principle of equality/inequality and the principle of protection of life).

Secondly, negative results will occur no matter which action I take in this situation. This situation is prone to conflict due to the different treatment between the UN observers/monitors and the local staff members. There are many factors inherent to my position as the Head of a KVM CC which would contribute to the development of this moral dilemma. The KVM was created by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) under a United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR). As a result, I must conduct my duties within a bureaucratic organization with a rigid hierarchical structure. I am also in charge of two groups of subordinates: the UN observers/monitors and the local interpreters. The geographic and professional isolation; as well as the urgency of the situation will probably not afford me with the time or support required to make a cogent decision.

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