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如果我们看看口香糖在印度的人均消费每年只有8相比在美国每年2000在俄罗斯& 1000。牙龈的市场份额在2008年增加了20%。当前印度口香糖市场规模估计约1000卢比(INR)和这toA新产生的公司提供了广泛的机会。它已经上升为新的的生活方式市场拥有巨大的市场潜力。



This is a marketing plan of a new product called CHEW-DEN. Four rising entrepreneurs have established a new company Leading India Pvt. Ltd. They want to be the market leaders in health related consumer products. The first product that is to be launched is a chewing gum called CHEW-DEN which would not only provide long lasting freshness but also provide dental care. According to research the chewing gum market is India is huge and is growing day by day. There are few International companies that are doing very good business India like Wrigley’s and Perfetti but our new product has few special ingredients that make CHEW-DEN the healthiest chewing gum in the market. We want to offer very reasonable prices similar to other available products in the market.

If we look at the per-capita consumption of chewing gum in India it is only 8 per year as compared to 2000 per year in U.S.A & 1000 in Russia. Market share of gums has increased by 20% in 2008.The current size of the Indian chewing gum market is estimated to be about 1000 Crores (INR) and it provides wide opportunities to new arising companies. It has risen as the new style-of-living market having great market potential.

According to the survey, more emphasis can be given to the west zone but other areas are also potential market. The target customers are youth and our target market also includes people who belong to middle-middle and upper-middle class families as confectionary items specially chewing gums are normally luxury items.

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