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代写paper 开场词 the opening words

Goodevening, ladies and gentlemen!

Welcometo the English Star Contest.

Thereare 12 contestants attending tonight’s talent competition, and they are themost outstanding students of our college. I believe you can enjoy theirexcellent performance tonight, and best wishes to all contestants.

Wehave held the first English Star Contest successfully the year before last. Itwas a whole success that our students showed their English talent and did awonderful performance to us. Actually, I would like regard it as a performancerather than a contest because all of our constants were so wonderful. Due tosome objective reasons, it was canceled last year. And this year, tonight, I amvery happy that this competition comes back to us again. By holding thiscompetition, we can provide students a self-show stage which is full ofvitality and passion, making English activities much more participatory. What’sworth congratulating is that most of the students who joined the competitionhave achieved outstanding results, and, all the students are able to appreciatethe great charm of English, so that stimulate their enthusiasm for Englishlearning. I hope and believe that our students can improve their Englishgreatly by attending this English competition.

Last,wish tonight’s English Star Contest a whole success. Thank you very much. Havea good night.





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