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华盛顿essay代写 名人崇拜的消极影响 the negative effect of celebrity worship

In our daily life, we are affected by the famous movie stars, popular singers and successful athletes everywhere. These images appear on the package of products, billboards and TV commercial ads, in a word, we contact with the celebrities all the time. People admire the celebrity’s success, they adore them, want to be one of them, sometimes they overreact on the process of pursuing stars.


The negative effect of celebrity worship is that the fans will get mental and physical problem. Because of the fast development of technology, many stars present perfect outlooks on the TV, actually, even their beautiful pictures are being revised. What fans see is the fake phenomenon, they want to look perfect as their idols, so they take all the costs to look like the stars. When they realize there is no way can do this, they will break down, getting hurt mentally and physically.

Some crazy fans like to college all the things about their idols. No matter what it is, as long as it is about the stars, fans will buy it, even to compete for it. What’s more, the things they college is useless, they just waste money on it. Such behavior should be criticized, the fans should put the money on the meaningful thing.

Anyway, celebrity worship should be wise, people must clear out what they should do and what should not do.