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加拿大代写assignment 重金引进人才之我见my view on appealing to the talent through money

Nowadays, many enterprises, even somegovernments would like to appeal the talent from prestigious university oroverseas graduates through money. For this phenomenon, in my opinion, just asevery coin has two sides, this phenomenon also has advantages as well asdisadvantages.


For one thing, appealing to the excellentpeople by money is a fast and effective way to improve the development ofcompanies or governments. Nearly every talent would like to find a good placeto show their ability after they come back from study; especially they have putso much effort on learning. If enterprises and governments can provide a goodoffer, they will contribution all their knowledge for them. And their projectwill have better improvement soon. Using money to attract talents is worthy.


For another thing, attracting the talentthrough money is not reliable. Since the talent will be attracted by money, ifthere are other people pay higher price, they will leave. It is not safe. Atthat time, they lose part of their money as well as lose the technology orknowledge from the excellent. If they have money, why not develop their ownpeople. It is safer.


To sum up, appealing to the talent throughmoney just like the coin having two sides. No matter companies or governmentsshould attract them to solve the current problem as well as train their ownexperts. It will the best way to improve the competition in the society.


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