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加拿大高中代写 Hilton Hotel Marketing Strategies

加拿大高中代写 Hilton Hotel Marketing Strategies





加拿大高中代写 Hilton Hotel Marketing Strategies

The American Marketing Association as the process or activity of communicating, delivering, exchanging, and creating service or product information that is valuable to customers and the community as a whole define marketing. It identifies, anticipates, and satisfies the targeted clients (Reitman, 1996). Philip Kotler who has written a number of articles concerning marketing defines it as a social process used by a people, individually or in a group to achieve what they want by the creation or exchanging their product details and their values with others.

Hilton Hotel is one of the biggest names when it comes to service and hospitality industry. It is known for its’ stylish, and effective services to it’s’ customers, and its’ dedicated staff members all around the globe. Many leaders and celebrities have been served and accommodated in Hilton Hotels. This established organization has made a name for itself and left a legacy by ensuring that they giving best services and investing in innovation in order to satisfy their customers. Currently, Hilton Hotels and Resorts boast of 540 hotels that are spread in 76 countries worldwide. People in the social networks like facebook, you tube, and twitter can engage with Hilton. Not only do the customers enjoy luxurious services in the hotel, but they also enjoy the mid-priced hotel services.

Hilton Hotel majorly deals with hospitality, which needs a well-established staff to offer the best possible services to customers. This organization has proved itself as a major service provider by establishing branches and building hotels and resorts all over the world. This allows for customer loyalty within or out of the country. Hilton is still expanding and still seeks to improve its’ services.

Services provided by the Hilton include rental, audiovisual equipment, video conferencing, meeting rooms, faxing, modem, business centers, and notary public for business convenience. They provide babysitting services, high chairs, and cribs for family convenience. They also provide gift shops, elevators, newsstand, lounge, multilingual staff, luggage storage, laundry, and saving deposits among other comfort and convenience services.