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许多方面影响儿童对身体活动的意见,以及个人水平的心理社会方面,例如自我价值;家庭因素,例如父母的动机和支持;和更大的层面,例如社会标准。即使这些都是重要的角色,这个行动宣言不足以注意社会的实际计划如何影响儿童的身体活动的机会。休闲体育活动的机会发生在公园和绿地。 “有用的”身体活动,例如步行或骑自行车上学和进一步活动,是儿童日常生活的重要组成部分。在儿童和青少年中鼓励更有活力的生活方式的环境对于允许他们达到建议的身体活动水平至关重要 。


Contributing factors include: unplanned urban sprawl; increased television viewing and computer use; concerns about safety and crime; a decrease in physical education, activity and recess in school; a loss of financial support and commitment to public venues for play; and a lack of knowledge about the importance of physical activity to health and wellbeing. Today in many communities we find a lack of safe places and spaces to play, an inadequate number of voices to encourage and support play, and not enough opportunities for, or access to, quality play. In particular, opportunities for unstructured or self-structured play have diminished, even as such opportunities are recognized by developmental psychologists as being critical to the development of problem-solving skills of children.

Many aspects influence a child’s opinions of physical activity, as well as individual level psychosocial aspects for example self-value; family factors for instance parental motivation and support; and bigger-level aspects for example societal standards. Even though these are all significant role players, this course of action declaration is inadequate to paying attention on how the physical plan of the society influences children’s chances for physical activity. Opportunities for leisure physical activity occur with parks and green spaces. “Useful” physical activity, for example walking or bicycling to school and to further activities, is just as vital part of a child’s everyday life. Surroundings that encourage more energetic lifestyles amongst children and teenagers will be vital to allow them to attain suggested levels of physical activity.