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建筑学论文代写: 医疗保健中心设施管理之研究

According to Regterschot, 1990, A decade ago, FM was defined as the integral planning, realization and management of building and accommodation, service and resources which contribute toward the effective, efficient and flexible attainment of organizational goal in a changing environment. According to (BIFM, 2003; EuroFM, 2003; IFMA, 2003) In general, the FM discipline is perceived today as a multi-disciplinary theme that aims to integrated between people and the physical workplace of an organization. According to Nelson and Aledander, 2002, “the current trend is to view FM as the management of non-core company assets to support and increase the efficiency of the main business of the organization.”

According to Dounglas, 1994; Preiser, 1995, “In the past, building performance usually dealt with issues such as energy efficiency, fire safety, comfort condition and spatial efficiency.” This situation is change and the current trend of building performance is growing in significance, it is due to the fact standard has developed, as have occupants’ requirements. Buildings are required to provide a stable and efficiency internal environment.

Healthcare central is the place to provide a medical treatment service to the people needs it. The sizes of healthcare central are various and depend on its function served. It can be fit in big building and also can just a small shop lot sizes. When travel over the streets, we can easily found a private clinic, which may be have only one or two doctor inside the clinic to provide a service medical treatment. In the large healthcare central may be able to accommodate more than hundred patients, they are provide various kind of medical treatment to patients.

Facilities management in the healthcare central is playing an important role in supporting the whole building delivery process. Building performance of the building would affecting the occupants inside the building whether is providing services or receiving services.建筑学论文代写: 医疗保健中心设施管理之研究

Problem Statement

Facilities Management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. In Facilities Management including Maintenance Management, Performance Management, Risk Management, Supply Services Management, Development and also ICT. (Igal M. Shohet and Sarel Lavy, 2004)

Many healthcare centres just emphasize on the service they provide but ignore the building performance and building design. Bad building performance and building design will affect the process of providing treatment and recovering place to the patient. In terms of the building design, space and sensory environments, there is a growing evidence base in the relationship with health outcomes. (Daryl May and James Pinder, 2007)

Correct workplace conditions are important factors for health and performance and profitable and beneficial in every way, Indoor environment affect productivity and health problems and, therefore worker performance (Marshall et al. 2002; Fisk 2000). Poor IAQ (Indoor air quality) causes health problems related to sick building syndrome and result in uncomfortable workplace environments (Czubaj, 2002; Sinclair, 1996; Shiaw-Fen Ferng, 2002; Wilson, 2001)

In the part of ICT, the problem of FM in relation to healthcare is characterized by differences kind of data, including both numerical data and verbal data. In addition, data for most of the healthcare facilities studies was partially missing or incomplete, making the task at hand similar to giving an expert medical diagnosis. By solving this problem, Healthcare Center is use CBR (case-based reasoning). CBR was originally motivated by the desire to understand how people remember information, and it was found that people generally solve problems by recalling how similar problems were solved. (Watson, 1999)

1.3 Aims

A study of facility management in the healthcare centre, a case study in Hospital Temerloh,Pahang.


To study the importance of building performance in healthcare centre.

To ascertain the essential of ICT application in relation to FM in Healthcare Centre.

To recommend further improvement on facility management in healthcare centre.

Scope of Study

This research will covers on building performance of healthcare center. Building performance is priority in this research and specifies more detail in process of building performance assessment through the ICT application and identify what types of ICT are suitable to apply on the subject property and the improvement on it. The study will carry on the local healthcare centre in Malaysia which is Hospital Temerloh, Pahang.