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特易购(Tesco)利益相关者是某一群人有兴趣特易购集团企业。每个小组都有自己的利益。服务利润链试图展示公司的内部和外部的相互关系,利益相关者和突显出客户忠诚度,转化为收入增长和利润可能实现;赫斯克特由et al。(1994)。它通过盈利能力之间的关系,建立客户忠诚度,利益相关者和员工满意度。

Tesco Stakeholders are a certain group of people that have an interest in Tesco group businesses. Each group have their own interests in the business. The service-profit chain attempts to show the interrelationship of a company’s internal and external communities, stakeholders and highlights how customer loyalty that translates into revenue growth and profits might be achieved; developed by Heskett et al. (1994). It does this by establishing relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, stakeholders and employees satisfaction.

Tesco staffs hear customers’ views on everything from how we are serving them in our stores to our role in the community. The customers are a bit like a pressure group because they apply pressure to Tesco to meet their needs. Meeting the customer’s needs can be things such as expanding their stores.

Tesco employees give management their feedback through the Viewpoint staff survey, Staff Question Time sessions and Tesco Staff Forum process.

Tesco group core value is “treat people how we like to be treated”, and it’s something Tesco organisation applied firmly to enhance their supplier’s relationships.