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论文网 照顾老人 taking good care of senior citizens

It is estimated that by the year 2015,Chinawill have 150 million elderly. We should take an active attitude toward old people. They should not be regarded as burdens but part of the wealth of society. Having gone through all sorts of trials and tribulations in life, the elderly know better than the younger generation about the meaning of happiness and grief. Having stood up to the tests of life for many years, they have accumulated knowledge, wisdom and practical experience, which are indispensable to social development and human civilization. “Respecting the old and caring for the young” has been part of our fine tradition and valuable heritage.


When people become old, they tend to easily get upset, frustrated, and are afraid of being loneliness. They, therefore, expect more spiritual comfort and emotional interaction from their children and friends. The younger generation should take more time to talk with them. Meanwhile, a better social environment should be created, one in which old people will be feeling life is beautiful and worth living.


Personally, I would like to make the following proposals: Teams of young volunteers should be set up to help these pensioners. They can spare some time to have a heart-to-heart communication with them, hoping to find what they are thinking in their inner world and offer some help to them. Classes for retirees should be organized, where old men and women can study calligraphy, painting, health care, singing and dancing and have sports suitable to them. Some special clubs should also be established, which old people can talk to each other so as to ward off loneliness and lose.