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是最应该注意的是,抑郁症患者和老年人中发现问题的常见症状表现出这一事实都是归因于老化的迹象比一个病理过程。投诉的疼痛、疲劳、食欲不振、睡眠问题,记忆问题等,经常被认为是衰老的迹象(敏感&杰特,2010)。也很难区分躯体疼痛和疼痛相关的生理疾病(Kurlowicz & Harvath都市的敏感和杰特,2010)。


It should be noted that depression is the most unrecognized and less detected problem among older adults for the fact that common symptoms exhibited by them are attributed to signs of ageing than that of a pathological process. Complaints of pain, fatigue, poor appetite, sleep problems, memory problems etc, are often perceived as signs of aging (Touchy & Jett, 2010). It is also difficult to distinguish between somatic pains and pain relevant to physical illness (Kurlowicz & Harvath as citied in Touchy & Jett, 2010).

Diagnostic tools for depression often cover clinical symptoms such as changes in mood or behaviors, irritability, low self-esteem, cognitive impairment, feeling lonely, somatisation, hopelessness, lack of ability to experience pleasure, disinterest in life, withdrawal, preoccupation with ideas of death, etc. Symptoms such as low energy levels, fatigue and poor appetite may often miss diagnosis of depression. Elderly people do not exhibit or confess of depressed mood to be identified as depression rather they may complain of pain or exhibit disinterest in activities previously enjoyed. Because of the lack of clinical symptoms physicians find it difficult to arrive at diagnosis of depression. Due to these factors depression goes unidentified in the elderly people. However, the pattern of depression symptoms is the same across elders in institutional settings and in community (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2010).

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