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Rigby also discovers that bullying also occurs due physical imbalance between the bully and the victim of bullying. The bullies become aware of their physical advantage over the weaker student and enjoy the opportunity. Bullying is usually depicted by victims through drawings where the bully is shown to have a bigger body than the ones who suffer under him.

Rigby advises that the parent should not go on a one- person crusade to oppose bullying as the outcome would be that the bully would be isolated and disregarded in some cases. Therefore the best approach is to inconspicuously inquire what some of the teachers think about bullying in the school and single out those who are willing to take a fresh approach towards bullying and figure out how best to work with them. Consequently, considerations can be formed from this association on how the school community can become inspired to handle the problem.

.Rigby researches and finds that there is a possibility of generational continuity whereby the children of the victims of bullying are also more likely to become victims more than their peers. He also deduces that men who were victimized by bullies when they were children were shyer when it came to the subject of love. Therefore their love lives were less successful because the level of intimacy with the opposite sex was low. He further finds out from an Australian poet that bullying caused destructive results in men and women’s sexual life.

Rigby also eventually states that some of the victims of bullying don’t hold back and become victims for the rest of their lives but they are motivated to help other people who are going through the same ordeal to fight bullying as a social injustice.

Contrary to the belief that the victims of bullying become victims later in life, Rigby also finds out later that the victims may also turn out to become the bullies. This situation occurs when the child is bullied at home or at school and cannot seem to retaliate. Therefore, he turns to another child who is weaker and tends to victimize him. This behavior may also continue later in life. All is discovered from studies of violence at home.

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