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历史论文 关于成功success

When it comes to success, different people have different opinions aboutwhat makes it come true. Some people regard hard-working as an essentialquality to success while others believe being clever would lead to success.From my point of view, I think perseverance and hard-working are indispensablefor those who want to make an achievement.


     Firstly, perseverance let people step closely towards success. Mostpeople want to make a big difference to prove their value. People who set theirgoal and keep moving would make their dream come true. However, there are somepeople who set their goal but they stop at the difficulty would fail in theend. I think the difference between success and failure is perseverance. If wehave perseverance, even if we are not clever, we will make a great difference,but if we not, we are doomed to lose. As we all know, Edison is a greatinventor in the world. However, before he invented the bulb, he kept trying fortens of thousands of times to find a suitable wire. Let us imagine, if he gaveup at the 999th, then how he couldn’t become so successful. So, I stronglybelieve that perseverance produces success.


 Secondly, there is also a kind of people whoare born with cleverness, I think they are lucky. Nevertheless, if they don’tmake a hard work on their way to their goal, they, absolutely, will becomeloser. Whether we are gifted for intelligent, we must be hard-working so as tosuccess. I regard hard-working as an efficient approach to be successfulbecause I believe ‘pains and gains’. As for those who do not make great effortson work, failure follows.  In old times,there is a clever boy who can make excellent poem when he can talk. When hisfather found the little child’s cleverness, he just let the child make poems toshow around while never let the boy learned anything. When the boy grew up,people forgot him because he lost the ability to compose poems and becameordinary as others. From this matter, we can see that only by hard-working canwe get knowledge and make a good future.


    Anyway, I think perseverance and hard-working are both important in ourway to success for they enhance us and produce success.