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历史作业代写 不实报道 the false report

As the development of the mass media, we can have access to the instant news immediately. We can read the news by the Internet, it is the fastest way to get the first-hand information. To catch people’s attention, some media will exaggerate the facts, they always bring the false report. They should be punished.


A few days ago, it has been reported a Chinese woman dragged a foreigner’s clothes to ask him for compensating her bike. A pictured was posted in the news. People criticized this woman for behaving so rude in front of a foreigner. The woman couldn’t bear the pressure, she stood out and told the true that the foreigner beat her and said the rude words at her first. She was under the false scold. 


The news was reported without further research, which brought great trouble to the woman. Many celebrities are facing the same situation, the media report their news by exaggerating the fact, just to catch the audience’s attention. Such act should be controlled to correct the journalists’ attitudes to the news report. 

新闻报道没有经过进一步的调查, 给这名女子带来了巨大的麻烦。许多名人都面临着同样的情况, 新闻媒体通过夸大事实来进行报道,只是为了吸引观众的注意力。这样的行为应该控制,以此来端正记者对新闻报道的态度。