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数学论文 如何选专业 how to choose the major

When students finish their high school, most of them will to go study in college, the first thing they do is to choose the major. Choosing the major is a big problem for every college student, not only for Chinese students, but also for the students around the world. Students will face the factors such as their interest is more important or the future of the major worth being first concerned.


On the one hand, most parents care about the future of the major. When students decide the major, parents will interfere with their own opinion, they want their children can have a bring future, so they care much about the needed talent of the society. Thus the children can find a promising job and earn more money.


On the other hand, students want to choose the major that they are interested. This is often contradicting with their parents’ opinion. Some students want to learn art, but most parents won’t be allowed it because it is hard for students to find a job. Everyone admits that interest is the first factor, with it, students will feel happy.


When choosing the major, students should considerate their parents’ opinion, most parents are open-minded, they will respect the kids’ willingness.