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论文关键词 金钱不能带来快乐 money brings no happiness

Last Friday, I attended an EPC class and we talkedabout whether money can buy happiness. As a human, we all have body, emotionand spirit. Happiness is kind of emotion or spirit for our life and the mostprecious thing to us. Without it, a man will feel that his misery fate hastaken charge of him and the world is utterly dark and dreadful. The teacherasked us some questions about happy at first. We answered differently. Mypartner and I answered that happiness is a fate that we are glad to do manythings and have confidence to do them well.

But how to be happy? Can money buy happiness?Obviously it can’t. In the class, we saw a sentence “Happiness is a state withoutany desires”. We discussed hearty about it and some of us agreed to it. Theyheld that desires are power that can push us to keep working hard, so that wecan have a better life, and then be happy. However,others did not think like that. They argued thatdesires come from comparison. When we do better than others and gain more thanothers, we just have a sense of satisfaction instead of happiness. Then,teacher asked us that if we have a lot of money, what we can do to gainhappiness. Some students thought that giving money to poor people will makethem happy. In the others’ opinions, using money to play together with friendsand families will make them happy. In short, giving and sharing will bringhappiness to us. Then, teacher showed us series of data of the happy career.These data show that barber, the happiest job, accounts for the largestproportion However, designer is the unhappiest one. The teacher said that humanis a kind of social animal, so people will be happier to stay and talk withothers especially in low pressure. In a word, helping others and communicatingwith others will make us happy.

In my opinion, Being happy is easy, because we have noreasons to be unhappy. When we meet some troubles in lives, we just try ourbest to overcome them without any hesitation. When I am sad, I would have a comfortablesleep. After a good sleep, I will feel much better. So I think being happy iseasy for me.


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