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论文引言怎么写 abortion should be banned

It has been a controversial topic whether abortionshould be legalized or not for a long time. It has caused many debates in manycountries around the world. Now, in some countries, abortion is legalized, butin some countries, if you have an abortion, you will be punished by the law. Inmy opinion, I think abortion should not be legalized. It should be banned,which is beneficial for the health of women and the development of theteenagers.

In many debates about the problem, people will talkabout the human rights. The pro-choice groups may argue that women have theright of freedom and women have the right to chose whether or not to give birthto the child. We have no right to ask women to keep the foetus in their wombs.Indeed, women are free to choose, but, the foetus also have the right of life.If you had abortions, you deprived their right of life. Why don’t we protectthe right of the foetus?  

Besides, some of the pro-choice groups may argue thatmost of women who choose to have abortions are too young to take theresponsibility for bringing up the child. If they give birth to the child,their future life may be unhappy. So, will their futures not be affected ifthey have abortions? No one is sure about the answer. I think that they maythink they have no mistakes. Then, they will have abortion boldly and they willnot restrict their actions. More teenagers may have sexual behaviour in school.All of these will affect their futures.

Therefore, I think that abortion should be banned.Firstly, abortion is harmful to women’s body and psyche. Sometimes, abortionmay cause some gynecological diseases, and which may affect their whole life.Moreover, if girls have several abortions, their fertility will be affected.They may not be pregnant when they want to have children. Besides, the abortionactually is to kill the foetus. So this may make some mental shadows in theirmind. Some women may have psychological problems because of it.

Secondly, it is not conducive to the development ofthe teenagers and young people. If abortion is legal, the teenagers will notafraid of being pregnant, and then they may not restrict their sexualbehaviours. Thus, the teenagers and the young people will develop some badhabits of life. Some may be self-indulgent. Moreover, if they can have abortionarbitrarily, they may not realize that they should take responsibility fortheir behaviour. All of these will affect their development and futures.

All in all, the abortion is immoral and is harmful towomen in body and psyche. Moreover, it may have bad influence on the teenagers.Therefore, we should not support the abortion. The abortion should be banned.The behaviour of the young people should be restricted. Thus, we can provide abetter social environment for the teenagers and they can have good futures.